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Traditional server / storage integrators, like us, are becoming the front line of the next generation of virtualized, converged & accelerated cloud solutions. "One only has to look at examples from history to know that knowledge fuels the ecosystem".

Leading Edge

Traditional RAID 5 is evolving into Software Defined Storage solutions, running on commodity X86 based hardware platforms, in conjunction with ZFS, Object Storage w/ the appropriate gateways, Hyper Converged solutions and distributed or clustered file systems that can connect to your cloud resources.

Bleeding Edge

Partaking of OpenStack, IoT, end to end disk & tape tiered storage solutions, GPU based VDI, Spark, hybrid enterprises, etc.. is best done with partners that are authorized, trained and already involved with these types of technologies. Running on a production level file system is usually the 2nd / best step.

Over the Edge

We support our customers when they are required to bring technologies like these into the production arena. Our engineers have reference architecture documentation for technologies like Kinetic, Ceph, OpenStack, Hadoop – Spark, etc.. and are members of the applicable user group communities.

Our Edge

We have direct relationships with the mfgs whose products we deliver and technicians that have been factory trained. All of our solutions are new, with full manufacturer’s warranty & local onsite service available, and the ability for you to talk directly with the manufacturer.

Even Enterprises is a leading provider of Software Defined server, storage & virtualization solutions.

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