Backup & Archive

Backup and archiving are evolving from a tape based medium to a hard drive / cloud based hybrid solution

Hard drive (HDD) based backup and archive solutions have been gaining market share in direct proportion to the the declining cost of hard drives. LTO-6 has a native capacity of 2.5TB native while HDDs are currently delivering at 10TB each. These facts, together with the De-duplication and compression features that can be incorporated into a disk or cloud based solution, have fueled the emergence of today’s standard backup solution, the De-dupe backup appliance. These products are a combination of HDDs, server class hardware and software that dedupes, compresses and archives your data while allowing you to select the level of redundancy and to run from the archived data in case of disaster. Some of these solutions even have “cloud-hooks” that allow you to off load lower tiered data to the cloud. Tape backup is slowly going away even for off site data redundancy as the cost of HDDs (alone) nears $.03 per GB. We carry the majority of tape library brands but the majority of our customer’s requirements are satisfied by these disk based appliances.

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