Archiving Solutions

you need access to large capacities of data safely, quickly, inexpensively, reliably and easily

Archiving stands at a crossroads as data requirements continue to expand exponentially every year. Big Data solutions are being made available as highly reliable / multi location solutions for traditional file level (NAS / file server) requirements with the advent of multi transport gateways becoming standard. Inexpensive copper 10Gbe Ethernet ( 10GBASE-T) allows users to handle data capacities that were unheard of only 1 year ago on both the client and the storage side. 8TB (soon to be 10) hard drives are turning high availability, high reliability, high functionality ZFS NAS solutions into 3U x 128TB file server replacements with expandability to 2 PB. SMB3 (CIFS, Microsoft’s specific flavor of NAS) is so good that manufacturers are converting their software to use it instead of block storage. The real driving factor behind this is that erasure coded, fully remote / redundant copies of your data is less expensive, and certainly more available & reliable, than putting it on tape media. Object storage solutions, with NAS gateways and hybrid dashboards, can handle multiple Petabytes while managing your data in both the public and private clouds concurrently. NEC America’s scale out grid storage platform, HYDRAstor, has been reconfigured to support multi Petabyte, multi location archiving. Call us to discuss your requirements.


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