Backup Software

near line, off site or in the cloud

DR now stands for “data redundancy” in addition to “disaster recovery”. The falling prices of hard drives has made “virtual, never ending backup” a cost effective reality. New file systems, like object storage & LTFS, keep multiple copies of the data in different locations as the standard procedure. Backup solutions now range from traditional backup to tape for onsite or off site copies, to backup to deduping / compressed hard drive based appliances, to the cloud or an automated combination of all of these. Virtual backup software, like Symantec, VEEAM & Unitrends, work in combination with deduping appliances, like Quantum & Exagrid, to allow you to failover to the backup & / or replicated copy. White box or brand name servers can become not only the backup storage appliance but also the media server. Snapshots & replication have elevated up time to past 5 9s. Please call us to discuss the differences between the main players and the options available.


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