Backup Appliances

deduplication and data compression combine for a never ending backup / archival solution

The technology behind today’s generation of backup appliances has been the main reason for the demise of tape libraries. These disk based appliances  provide a never ending, near-line backup that is capable of replicating a backup copy remotely for DR purposes that can be used as a working copy for failover in case of location failure. These servers, disguised as storage subsystems, use their  deduplication and data compression features to create a cost effective, highly reliable backup / archive based on redundant hard drives and the cloud.

This kind of solution ranges from 25TB to 20PB and usually delivers up to 20 times the raw backup capacity.  Virtualized environments have so much common / dedupable data that all of the leading backup software packages that specialize in virtualized backup recommend them. The Media & Entertainment marketspace is finally being supported by this type of backup / archive solution due to the falling prices, $.01 – .03 per GB, and higher capacities of hard drives.

Exagrid seems to have won the low end to mid range space while NEC America is the decided leader in the high end / unlimited capacity end of this market with it’s grid computing solution. Please call us for a conversation on the hardware and software combinations available to you. Virtual backup (to disk) software products like Veeam & Unitrends lead this market.



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