Tape Libraries

Tape library technology has become the final, most cost effective tier

The tape library market has coalesced dramatically in the last few years. Our relationships with the real, remaining tape automation hardware manufacturers (Quantum, IBM and Overland Storage), coupled with our software relationships (Symantec, Veeam, CA, Retrospect, Atempo, Dell, Unitrends, Red Hat, etc.), allow us to deliver the best in tape solutions today. LTFS (Linear Tape File System) has brought NAS tiering functionality to tape libraries for the most cost effective form of near line archiving solutions and is now serving Enterprise data center requirements in addition to the Media & Entertainment market space. Inexpensive / high capacity auto-loaders allow you to create offsite backup easily.

Quantum’s Stornext platform has introduced a complete tiering solution that allows you to choose from:
a. Clustered, accelerated or traditional primary storage
b. De-duping backup appliances that have become the main solution for virtualized data security
c. Object storage (erasure coded or triple redundancy)
d. Traditional or LTFS (NAS driven) tape archiving for bot M&E and the Enterprise
e. NAS gateways that allow you to address the the tape library or Object tiers directly
e. All of the above

Ask us which of our vendors really manufactures the libraries private labelled by IBM, Dell, HP, Apple, etc., and have the option of buying the same / exact equipment at substantial cost saving with onsite service included. Our technical staff has the ability to install your hardware and configure your software requirements.


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