Networking has finally joined the revolution with technologies like 10GBase-T and SDN

Motherboard manufacturers are starting to deliver 10GBASE-T (10Gbe Ethernet connectivity over copper Cat6 & Cat7 cables using RJ45 connectors) standard for approximately the same cost as 1Gbe Ethernet ports since 10GBASE-T is downward compatible with 1 Gbe Ethernet. This allows you to increase your network 10X on both the back end for a private network for your storage and on the front end for your users without having to rewire your environment with expensive optical cabling. Switch manufacturers, like Cisco, NEC America & Arista, are shipping SDN (Software Designed Networking) solutions which allow for an almost unlimited network configuration  using your existing IP & MAC addressing schemes WITHOUT “rat’s nest” wiring. Mellanox is the leader in 40Gbe+ networking and has been solving the iSCSI / latency problem by being the RDMA pioneer. Brocade has given up their client side connectivity (HBA & NIC) product line so you now have to decide between Mellanox, Emulex, Intel & Qlogic. Our engineers can have a conversation with you to determine which one of these market leaders is really the correct solution to your specific requirement.

Last but not least, you can’t mention the Networking revolution without calling us and asking the current price of a 48 port, 10Gbe Ethernet switch (under $10k!?) or an 8 port 10Gbe Ethernet switch (under $1k) and how they can be used to increase you bandwidth 10X without rewiring your environment!


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