Our DIRECT relationships with these manufacturers, coupled with our integration abilities, allow us to deliver the highest level of server technology & software defined infrastructure available in a secure fashion.

These brands comprise the “best in class” building blocks for solutions to most server requirements. Dell is the leading brand name in the market, with on site service & standard vanilla IT solutions, and our channel pricing gives you alternative (better) pricing to their direct model. Supermicro’s partnerships with most of the brand name IT manufacturers have helped them become the leading edge & price / performance solution manufacturer period. Their partnership w/ VMware has helped them produce the latest in Hyper-converged server & storage solutions and they have reference architecture libraries for most of the bleeding edge technologies (Hadoop, OpenStack, Spark, Ceph, Lustre, etc.) just starting to deliver into production arenas today. NEC has the ONLY family of real “Fault Tolerant” servers that we are aware of. NEC’s multiple servers run lock step with each other rather than (hopefully) failing over. Intel is the wellspring from which (almost) all technology flows and we are an authorized Gold partner. Our direct relationships with these manufacturers allow us to deliver the highest level of server technology & software defined infrastructure to you.


Dell is the leader in the “brand name” SMB – Enterprise server space. Their end to end, professional grade solutions, both server and software defined storage, have replaced the original axiom with “nobody ever lost their job by going Dell”. Dell’s continuing acquisitions, like Equallogic and Compellent, have created the most all encompassing, end to end, fully serviced, professional solutions available today. It’s called “one throat to choke.”



Supermicro has become the brand of choice for the leading edge technologist and the price conscious user. Their reference architectures libraries and complete multi socket Haswell v3 / multi motherboard / huge expansion JBODs / multi Avoton and GPU solutions have become the go to answer for the Hadoop and OpenStack communities. Supermicro’s onsite service program has recently brought them into the production data center.



Intel is the basis from which all technology flows. Sandy Bridge brought with it the power to develop SDS (Software Defined Storage) while Haswell is the basis for the birth of SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure which also includes “compute & networking”) & Hyper-converged solutions. Intel’s server technology, coupled with their leadership in the Lustre & IoT technologies, will be the next generation of our industry.


Our Edge

We configure, integrate &/or build any of these servers with whatever OS & / or file system is required. We have a direct relationship with all of these manufacturers and our Microsoft, VMWare, OpenStack and Linux techs can take 1st call on all issues and get the manufacturer’s support group involved if necessary. Adding SDI (software designed infrastructure) to these servers may be the most cost effective solution of all.


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