doubles every year and we keep finding bigger, better, faster, less expensive and more secure ways to handle it

Storage can mean anything from the small hard drive or SSD inside your notebook to the 4PB of HGST / Active Archive storage supporting your Lustre environment which is feeding directly into your Hadoop / Spark / analytics engine. We specialize in the mid to high end, leading edge range which encompasses both Enterprise Class and “white box” solutions like SAN (block mode Storage Area Networks), NAS (file serving Network Attached Storage),  DAS (block mode Direct Attached Storage), Cloud (both private Object Storage, public as a Service and the combination called Hybrid) and Big Data / Analytics solutions (Petabyte+, storage server based with clustered or distributed file systems that include multi location integration and can be integrated into your analytic’s engines). These solutions can be built on commodity hardware or integrated onto your existing brand name infrastructure. Partners like HGST, Dell & SGI have started delivering unified storage solutions by integrating software, that we have been integrating onto commodity hardware for years, onto their server product lines. Supermicro finally delivering onsite service as part of their standard product line may be the real game changer in this area of computing!



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Unified Storage

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