NAS (Network Attached Storage)

a disguised file server masquerading as a storage subsystem

Network Attached Storage is a lower cost, user friendly technology that allows you to attach hard disk storage directly to your LAN (network) without the need for additional costly servers. These appliances can compliment or replace costly file servers & optical jukeboxes with faster user access, no moving robotic parts, a smaller foot print, more capacity and no additional software or client licenses for user access. NAS appliances also allow for faster / simultaneous user access to the same data. These solutions are really disguised file servers masquerading as storage subsystems. Enterprise solutions scaling to Peta Bytes and departmental solutions as low as 100GB are available with almost no downtime. If you’re about to get a new file server please call us for a NAS quote and consultation. Even though you will see “ZFS” in our Unified Storage section, because it supports block mode access also, many manufacturers, including NETGEAR, SGI & Dell, consider it their “high end” NAS solution. Big Data requirements, requiring multiple physical locations, can be satisfied using Object Storage with built in NAS gateways.

Benefits include:

•No need for additional, general purpose servers to attach RAIDs to the network.
•NAS units can be placed anywhere there’s a Network and a power connection.
•No need to reboot the entire network to install the RAID and grant user access.
•No need for multiple RAID systems for different Operating Systems since they can all share the RAIDed NAS storage through the network and can be managed remotely from any Internet Browser.
•Have multiple NAS heads (with a warm global spare) that can share the same clustered storage.
•NAS snapshoting & replication deliver “point in time” disaster recovery.


NAS RAID appliances can scale up or scale out and be configured in most RAID levels with support for multiple RAID sets with different RAID levels on the same set of drives. NAS subsystems scale to multiple PBs and allow for a client to be embedded for integration into network backup schemes. Your network will not be able to tell the difference between your NAS and a dedicated file server. These products have block level access on the SAN side, file level on the NAS side AND scale to xPB. iSCSI HBA / TOE cards are offloading the TCPIP processing and alleviating the historic burden of IP storage from your servers. Allow our SEs to help you decide which way to go the next time you need another server.

Avere’s NAS / Cloud gateway is able to accelerate new or existing NAS units while offering the ability to have a global name space and become a NAS head for both private & public cloud storage assets while adding extra features, like snap shoting, to object storage.


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