the basis for traditional data reliability & performance

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) has been the traditional method for supporting large IT data storage requirements requiring high reliability and performance until recently. This technology has usually consisted of a 2 – 4 U (12 – 60 drive bays) hard drive enclosures, with redundant power & cooling, AND ASIC based controllers. These RAID controllers connected all of the contained HDDs and made them appear, to the computers that were connected to it (either directly or across the network), as one large hard drive. This large, virtual hard drive could then be split into multiple volumes that were available to multiple computers in block mode (as if they were directly attached to the computers internally). This type of solution had redundant processing features that included algorithms that spread extra parity data across all of the other HDDs so that if one drive failed the data could be recreated AND multiple RAID controllers so that if one failed the storage subsystem could continue to function successfully.

This type of storage solution has remained the sweet spot for Block mode requirements with capacities of 2PB or less using up to 8TB HDDs for data capacity & SSDs (Solid State Drives) for acceleration. We configure / build / sell RAIDs from manufacturers, including Infortrend, Promise and Dot Hill, with Fibre Channel, 1Gbe / 10Gbe iSCSI  and SAS interfaces. Most standard applications (SQL, Exchange, VMWare, Database, Digital Video Editing, etc..) require block mode access.

Infortrend was the 1st manufacturer to     a. deliver 16Gb Fibre Channel RAID     b. deliver inexpensive dual controller iSCSI RAID    c. deliver inexpensive 10Gb / copper / prepackaged /’ turnkey unified storage subsystems based on ZFS

Promise is the ONLY Fibre Channel RAID on Apple’s Hardware Compatibility

Newly added to our product line is one of the leaders in all flash arrays, Kaminario. These RAIDs deliver the highest performance available of block mode storage. Accelerating enterprise level applications, like SQL, Exchange & Oracle, can be done seamlessly just by increasing your storage performance.

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