Acceleration & Optimization

making it faster, easier, smoother and more automated

This section is comprised of various solutions, either software, hardware or cloud, that somehow either accelerate or optimize different parts of your environment. Thinking in terms of “scaling out” performance instead of just capacity is a good starting point. You’ll find some of these solutions on other pages also.



Avere is the leading NAS acceleration product across most file level requirements. Avere can front end public and private clouds with traditional interfaces (NFS & CIFS) while accelerating them. These gateways have historically been used to accelerate large NAS solutions in HPC environments and have recently been ported over to support the leading object storage solutions.



HGST is the leading (edge) manufacturer of professional grade SAS “drives.” Their purchase of Stec & Virudent, combined with their own leading edge technology, has made them the leader in the SAS HDD AND SAS SSD marketplace. HGST’s three levels of SSDs (2, 10 & 30 full writes per day), coupled with Virudent’s (wholly owned by HGST) acceleration / caching software, is leading the way in accelerating VMware, Red Hat / OpenStack, SQL, Oracle & Hyper-V environments. Click here for a free download of HGST’s profiler, their free Intelligent Caching Consultant. Finally, HGST’s recent purchase of Amplidata, coupled with their capacity leading 8TB HDDs, has  changes the pricing / capacity paradigm with the introduction of their “Active Archive” solution. This 42U, 4.7TB, expandable, erasure coded, object storage solution is priced at approx 1/2 of the traditional, comparable solutions available today. Avere’s gateway product (see above) pairs nicely with this tor traditional access.



opvizor® easily discovers system integrity & performance issues and helps to harden your VMware system’s security by acting as your virtual compliance manager. We believe that you should optimize your VMware environment before accelerating it. Our customers call opvizor® the #1 Predictive Analytics engine for their VMware & NetApp environments.Please call us for a free trial w/ support.



Take discovery & management to the next level by managing your entire application environment through a dashboard. Solarwinds, the leading end to end system management tool, allows you to optimize, manage and oversee your entire environment through a series of dashboards available from your monitor to your smart phone. This series of modules handles your network, servers & applications, storage & visualization, security & event management and patch management requirements. End to end environmental management & control via dashboard!



Micron is one of the 4 true memory manufacturers which gives them a big price / technology advantage in professional grade SATA SSDs. Their partnership with Pernix Data changes the price / performance paradigm for VMware flash acceleration. Samples & trial versions are available.



PernixData‘s FVP is a 100% software solution that virtualizes server-side flash and RAM into a clustered acceleration tier that enables IT administrators to quickly, easily and cost-effectively scale-out storage performance completely independent of storage capacity. The result is unprecedented read and write performance for all virtual machines (VMs) without the need to change existing server and storage infrastructure. Our relationships with Micron, HGST & NETGEAR allow us to provide a complete, inexpensive, networked acceleration tier for VMware.


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