Analytics (Hadoop)

let analytics turn your data into a Fortune Teller

Do you know the difference between MapReduce or Spark, before you start talking to someone that’s trying to sell you “Hadoop”? Are you just starting to “buy in” to the Hadoop revolution, and want to start at the leading edge of the technology, Spark, and go for IoT (Internet of Things) / streaming big data / real time analysis or do you have an existing Hadoop infrastructure, with lots of code already, and just need one of our MapReduce programmers to help keep you up to date? Have you looked at Dell or Supermicro’s reference architecture with a data scientist to determine the cost estimates vs. the real benefits of turning your data into your Fortune Teller. Your competition is using analytics, are you?!

Take whatever data you have, or can gather, and run it through analytics solutions to determine how to market to your customers using MapR’s traditional Hadoop in batch process mode or you can run Cloudera’s Spark, the next generation of Hadoop, off of your flat data, in place, to assist in applications like malware protection that need immediate answers. The combination of our relationships within the Hadoop community, coupled with our Supermicro & Dell reference architecture library & relationship, gives you the option of choosing the best solution.

We have many customers that use open source analytics that come to us for the hardware and advice. We are happy to provide reference architecture documentation along with Supermicro’s “Hadoop ready” configurations.


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