File Systems

the real basis of your entire environment

Filesystems are usually the last thing that you think about when architecting most solutions when, in fact, many obstacles can be overcome just by reversing this thinking. Hyper-V environments looking for true VMotion functionality or real high availability, especially on the enterprise side, know that Storage Spaces is not the answer and that there are true “Microsoft specific clustered filesystems”, just like VMFS, that are required for these higher end requirements. The first issue that should be solved in any production OpenStack installation is running it on top of a production / supported file system, like Red Hat Enterprise Linux filesystem. Most data center filestores, and brand name NAS products, are based on ZFS. This unified file system supports NAS, iSCSI & Fibre Channel environments.Digital video editors should know that there are newer, leaner & more full featured avenues for running complete Xsan environments that allow you to partake of higher performance, less expensive, commodity hardware alternatives running 16Gb Fibre Channel and 40Gbe / RDMA interfaces. There is a difference between running your environment on top of a volume manager disguised as a filesystem. Call us to discuss these hidden differences and make sure that the basis of your environment is a production / supported / leading edge product.

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