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Media and Entertainment (M & E) editing solutions usually require “block mode” / RAIDed storage while “higher end NAS & “big data” / object storage solutions are typically being used for content archival & distribution requirements. When multiple workstations want to share and edit the content concurrently a “clustered” file system, like VMFS, StorNext, Sanbolic or MetaSAN, is usually required. These file system products usually have the ability to be configured to support most standard OSs & editing solutions natively and can be installed on most RAID systems. This area of storage is also one of the main beneficiaries of SDS (software defined storage) and it’s relationship to commodity hardware and it’s inherent redundancy and price points. The same can be said for ASIC based RAID since brands like Infortrend, Promise and Dot Hill have dominated this space due to their price and performance competitiveness. We integrate these solutions using 8-16Gb Fibre Channel & inexpensive 10Gbe storage solutions, up to 8 TB HDDs & 2 TB SSDs and clustered or big data storage software.

We also partner with Supermicro, the leader in GPU based graphics processing for visual effects requirements and the basis for most Software Designed Storage / big data solutions.

HGST, with it’s recent acquisition of AmpliData, has just changed the price / capacity / footprint / price paradigm with it’s Active Archive storage solution. This multi PB archiving & content distribution solution, along with Avere’s NAS gateway & file level acceleration products, have brought high performance and global name space technology to the M&E user marketplace. The building block of this solution is a 4.7 PB (raw, 3.5 PB usable), erasure coded, object storage solution in a 42U rack for approx 1/2 the price of available solutions.

Please call us for an in depth conversation w/ a manufacturer trained engineer or access to test your requirements.

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